Savannah/Hardin County Airport Runway Replacement

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Savannah, Tennessee


Savannah-Hardin County Airport




Land Surveying, Civil Engineering, MEP Engineering, Structural Engineering

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2021 Excellence in Concrete Pavement Gold Award - American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA)

2022 Engineering Excellence Honor Award - American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) of Tennessee

The airport’s runway, which was overlaid with an ultra-thin (4-inch) fiber-reinforced concrete overlay in the early 2000s, began exhibiting shifting, faulting, and general de-bonding of the concrete panels from the underlying asphalt layer, causing daily maintenance issues, as well as a safety issue. A2H performed an analysis comparing the 20-year life cycle cost of asphalt vs. concrete pavement.

Ultimately this showed that concrete would have an estimated 16% cost savings over the life expectancy of the pavement and A2H designed a complete full depth demolition and reconstruction of the runway, two connector taxiways, and a portion of the terminal apron. 

“They (pilots) not only tell me how much they like it (the new runway and apron), but they are telling other pilots to come here.”

Derick E. Seaton, Airport Manager
Savannah-Hardin County Airport

This project serves as a prime example of a truly collaborative process between the engineer, the general contractor, geotechnical engineer, testing firm, the client, and the community-at-large all working together for the benefit of Savannah/Hardin County.

Project Team:

  • A2H, Inc. (Civil, Electrical, and Structural Engineering Firm)
  • Geotechnology, Inc. (Geotechnical Engineer)
  • R.C. Construction Co., Inc. (General Contractor)
  • Insight Group (Quality Control Testing Firm)

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