Shelby County Government Building Facade Improvements

Project Details

Memphis, Tennessee


Shelby County Government


Renovation/Restoration, Civic


Architecture, Structural Engineering

Team Members



A2H conducting a condition assessment and corrective design for facade improvements of the Shelby County office building at 157 Poplar Avenue in Memphis. A2H professionals conducted a physical inspection of the exterior building envelope, the building site, its structural components and ADA accessibility. The project scope was designed to evaluate the condition of the building’s exterior and to identify those components that had failed or were in the process of failing due to the building’s age and deferred maintenance. A secondary objective of the assessment was to recommended approaches to remove or conceal the aluminum outriggers used to support the pre-existing brise soleil. Also included in this report were statements of the relative costs associated with alternate methods proposed to correct issues associated with exterior waterproofing, exterior material failure and the aluminum outriggers.


A2H concluded in the report that the office building’s structure/envelope exhibited no critical deficiencies, but that preservation of the building and minimization of future maintenance would require corrective measures, as identified in the assessment. A2H’s architects and structural engineers then worked with the county to identify their preferred design solution and implement it. 

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