Hilton Hotel Facade Assessment & Repairs

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Memphis, Tennessee


Hilton Hotel Memphis


Renovation/Restoration, Commercial


Architecture, Structural Engineering

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Due to deterioration and aging, several sections of the Hilton Hotel in Memphis underwent repairs and renovation. A2H provided architecture and structural engineering to upgrade the structure of the unique cylindrical building, including the curtain wall at the top of the hotel tower and the retaining wall at the foot of the poolside.

A comprehensive visual inspection was necessary for the entire ring beam at the top of the hotel. In order to visually inspect the connections of the curtain wall to the concrete beam, the existing flashing membrane and the interior metal panels were removed in several strategic locations. The in-place flashing membrane needed to be removed with great care, as this could be all that was holding the exterior spandrel glass in place and/or holding the R.C. ring beam together.

A2H also investigated the condition of the block veneer shelf angle on the east side of the building. Portions of the fluted split-face block veneer had been removed in two designated locations in order to allow access to the steel shelf-angle, to assess its condition. A2H’s condition assessment discovered that water and moisture had seeped into the cavity behind the fluted split-face block veneer where, without a manner to escape, it collected and began a process of oxidation and corrosion of the steel shelf-angle which supports the substantial weight of the veneer. As the deterioration progressed, and the angle has weakened, cracks have formed in the veneer, and movement of the veneer block has taken place. Visible signs elsewhere indicated similar problems with the veneer support system throughout the building to varying degrees.

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