Maslow Mixed-Use Development & School

Project Details

Memphis, Tennessee


Maslow Development


Mixed-Use/Multi-Family, Commercial, PreK-12 Education


Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Planning, Land Surveying, Civil Engineering

Team Members


A2H, in collaboration with DPZ, is currently working with Maslow Development on the initial planning and design of a innovative community master plan centered around education. The project entails re-thinking how a new ground up community could be built from the start with a new type of school as the focal point. This would be archived by planning for distributed learning spaces throughout the community as opposed to a traditional single school building.

In addition to the core educational spaces, the community is envisioned with multiple gathering spaces and shared facilties throughout. This inludes makers spaces, a library/technology center, a health and wellness center, and community gardens.

A wide range of housing types are planned, with a focus on balancing the single family with multifamily. A key part of the central core of the community will be live/work units that can also house small businesses on the ground floor to encourage start-ups and family businesses.

The project is currently in the initial conceptual planning stage. The first phase focused on a prototypical plan and will be moving into adaptation for specific sites once identified.