Brownsville Water Tower

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Brownsville, Tennessee


City of Brownsville, TN


Stormwater & Utilities


Land Surveying, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering

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The Drescher Company, a freezer and distribution company, made plans to relocate and build a facility at the City of Brownsville’s industrial park. To accommodate the operations of their new 320,000-square-foot facility, A2H worked with the city to design and install a 500,000-gallon double ellipsoidal water storage tank, which would provide increased water pressure for a significant portion of Brownsville’s existing water system.

The project also included the design and installation of a new 12” water line to connect the existing water distribution system to the new tank. The new water storage tank helped increase the pressure in the existing water system, providing a reliable fire protection system required for the new facility. A2H provided civil and structural engineering, surveying, and construction observation services for this project.

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